Hardanger! One of most traditional Scandinavian crafts. hardanger is form of embrodiery worked usually white on white with pulling threads out and embroidering around to create a pattern.

I had taken a class at the norwegian house many years ago, but never really picked it up all that well. Now that i have more time and patience, i am going to give it a go again.

The project to the left was started by a friend of mine, who gifted me all her projects/ threads. So we will see if i can finish off her project first.

Hardanger was thought to have be started 1650 to 1850 in norway, however it was popular in Asia, Persia and other european countries. Hardanger was incorporated into traditional norwegian folk costumes. This piece was originally going to be made for a apron on a costume.

The primary stitch is a statin stitch, and you can see that they pull out threads to create the block like patterns. then reenforce them to give them strength.

If your looking for something different to try, check your local Scandinavian centers, chances are someone will be offering a class in it !

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