“Take me to the Beach”

inspiration taken from a trip to Prince Edward Island. 

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My Fabric journey started off with quilting, exploring traditional blocks, and has now moved to following less traditional and more modern. Incorporating Paper piecing, and quilt as you go methods

Knitting & Crochet

In the winter months, I tend to gravitate towards knitting. Its an easy project to pick up on the winter nights while sitting around home. Most knitting i do is colour work. I am inspired by Arne & Carlos from Norway, and tend to watch a lot of their tutorial’s and purchase their patterns. 


Last year I started knitting Christmas balls. If you are familiar with Arne & Carlos from Norway, these are their patterns.  

In the middle picture is the 2021 Knit along Christmas balls from Arne & Carlos

Pictured on the right is the start of 2022

On those winter nights, nothing better then sitting down and knitting !