This past weekend i decided i wanted to do something for myself.

A few weeks ago, i painted some fabric, I had a scene I wanted to recapture from PEI.

I had driven up to Thundercove and was looking for the famous teapot rock, which I never found., 🙄 , and thats a long story why I didn’t. To get onto the beach, I went through a sandy path, and at that moment i was taken by the whole view, the soft sand, the view of the ocean, the smell of the ocean. Something I will always remember.

With this block, I painted the sky with fabric paints and watered it down to get that flowing clouds. I used a kona white fabric as my base. I have used muslin before, but I don’t like the texture. I wanted a soft flowing pattern.

I next found a bunch of miscellaneous fabrics, that kind of spoke sand, ocean, greenery. these I fused and layered onto the background.

I finished off by thread painting. And i mean a lot of thread painting !

Please enjoy, ’Take me to the Beach’

‘Take me to the Beach’

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