I fell in love with the Big Dream quilt when it was released a couple years ago. I purchased a few panels in various colours, and even a Christmas one (which is not done 🙄) these were designed by Hoffman Fabrics.

This past fall, there was many quilt a longs for this quilt, but i did not participate, however seeing what people were doing with their quilt was very motivating! The first one i free motion quilted, went to Prince Edward Island, to a good friend of mine. I knew she liked blue, and purple tones, so i figured this would be fitting for her!

Each petal of the flower has a different free motion design. Sometimes hard to choose, but after a while, one just flowed into another. I added glass beads to the centre of the quilt to try add some variety.

Overall i was very pleased with the outcome of this, and can’t wait to return to PEI to visit it again!

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