Well the pandemic in BC is like everywhere else. Things are closed down, events cancelled…. And the list goes on.

I was suppose to go on my first quilting retreat this past week, but it was cancelled..😢 so.. i decided, i would stay home and spend the weekend and keep working, more like start projects, i have put off for a while. First up the Sasquatch block, this pattern is from Elizabeth Hartman collection. I have a friend who is fascinated by Sasquatch and being that we live in the pacific north west….. i think he hopes to see one, someday ! I made this block which is 28” squared.

I just finished it off with stitch in the ditch to go around Sasquatch and the tree. I had debated about doing some free motion quilting on it, but decided to keep it simple, I love the white crisp fabric background and the leprechaun green fabric. This was one of my makes for the weekend. !

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