The last 3 years I have been discovering various forms of quilting. Everything from applique, to foundation paper piecing to free style, design your own and wing it ! I heavily got into quilting about 3 years ago, but never could really find what I liked to do.. so I just did a bit of everything until 2021, then I kind of made a shift in my quilting .. Here are some oldies but goodies that i started out with. !

This was my very first foundation paper piecing project for my friend @savethevictoryroll

Not easy ! I used a vintage white bedsheet in the quilt, which added some textured design to the overall look.

Another small project I tried next, paper pieced together, something for Valentines. Still my favourite side table matt.

“Love Note from the Heart”

Another little challenge project, I called it Love Note from the Heart, there is a heart, and there is a small envelope sealed with a heart. This small quilt went to auction in 2019 at the Canadian Quilting Show.

Nautical Quilt

One of my first quilts, in a nautical theme. This was first time, i put together traditional blocks. Being a bit of Nordic, we have a lot of seafaring items in our home. This just goes with the love the sea, and all nautical.

Now after joining the Vancouver modern quilt guild, I am inspired by what the other members are doing.. and looking for new and creative things to make. My quilts have changed dramatically… stay tuned for more.

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