Its been a while since i updated my blog. Easter had come and gone, and i unfortunately was sequestered to the almighty Covid.

Knocked me out for 2 weeks and then another 2 weeks of lingering symptoms… anyways gave me lots of time to work on crafts and knitting!

I discovered the Belfast Mini Mill online, well thanks to my friend, Jenn. We were chatting one day about going through old crappy yarn and then she sent me the link to the Belfast mini mill…. Oh and now i have added more to my stash. 😂

The rainbow wool, is 100% hand dyed merino wool! I loved working with it. And the vibrancy of the colour was what i caught my eye !

I still have another skein left in the rainbow, which i may make some slippers next for myself 😃

If you have read any of my previous posts, socks are a new thing for me, but now i totally find them quite easy to whip up a pair of basics.

Birthday girl gets her gifts ! check her out on IG @savethevictoryroll

The next was the Shamrock Tam, i used a generic wool i picked up from Michaels craft store. I did like the green though… the pattern i bought on Ravelry, and if you see my previous posts from March, i made the same Tam in reverse colours.

Now that I have been spoiled by knitting with really….reallly nice yarn… the cheap stuff… just won’t cut it anymore… 😉 Thanks Jenn !

Well thats it for today ! Go check out the Belfast Mini Mill

Until then happy knitting….

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