This fall, i decided i needed to teach myself free motion quilting. I had tried quilting rulers, but really haven’t had much success. I found the easiest way to learn was YouTube videos, the best ones i found were Angela Waters, she is the Midnight quilting show.

Then of course, keep practicing… so some of my “successes “ were my Christmas gifts this year.

I know Halloween for Christmas? Yes.. my friend absolutely adores Halloween! i chose to do a spider web pattern, one of the things i found more difficult was.. where to start ! On the side, in the middle. For this , i chose the side..i ended up with some weird shaped webbing,,, but yeah, thats OK !

A Christmas gift for my sister and friend. I chose this Christmas block, which was part of a Scandinavian collection of fabric. i picked up last year.

That was it for free motion quilting. I keep working on it!

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